Sunday, September 17th
LakePointe Church – Pier 4:19 – Y100
4:00 PM to 5:30 PM


Promise Makers and Girlz 4 God are Christian-based leadership training groups that meet in most schools in Rockwall, Texas. Using core principles based on scripture, positive peer pressure is generated in an exciting and upbeat atmosphere. It’s that simple…all the boys get together to talk with some dads about how to help each other get through the teenage years. While they’re doing that, the girlz meet with each other and some moms to talk about the same stuff. It’s fun, and we always have DONUTS!


Team Promise Makers focuses on several core fundamental principles and teaches them in many different ways.

There is a friend….. Positive peer pressure is a core principle.  Over and over, you will encourage them to hold each other accountable on various issues.  Let’s face it, when we got in trouble, it was usually with a group of “friends”.  The same will be true with them.  We want them to learn that they need to stick together, and help each other do what is right.  When they see a friend fall, they should be there to pick each other up and encourage them to do better.

THRPPGEW….is the battle cry of Team Promise Makers.  You will have them learn what it means, and in a few short weeks, they’ll be able to repeat it to you without thinking.  Why is it important?  Because it gives them a test they can apply to every action, thought or behavior.  It defines the mental test – it is how they should think.  And, it is taken from Philippians 4:8, “Whatever is True, Honorable, Right, Pure, Pleasing, Good, Excellent, Worthy of praise…THINK on these things!”

Honor your father and mother…Parents are the cornerstone of spiritual teaching, and we lift up parents as the primary influence in their lives.  These kids are moving into a stage where mom and dad aren’t “cool”, and we want to dispel this notion early and often.


Peer pressure is neither new nor unnatural.  As these kids move into adolescence, their friends take on a more significant role in their lives.  This creates a series of evaluations they will make about life.  They will seek their friends’ input, and will weigh it with as much credibility as your advice.

Peer pressure does not have to be negative.

What if you could take the force of peer pressure and use it to their advantage?

What if you could establish a cool, accepting environment where all the kids could be proud of encouraging each other to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing?

What if you could be active with your kid and their friends, so you could help

drive the messages they hear, and the opinions of the group?

One of the primary goals of Team Promise Makers is creating that positive environment where the parents are involved with their kids and friends.  Parents must be involved in their spiritual life.  Every major religion targets the adolescent age, as they are making decisions about God, Jesus, church, the Bible, and other spiritual thoughts that will affect them for eternity.  What happens during these years will be significant.  Don’t miss your window of opportunity to positively affect their lives forever


We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible authoritative Word of God.  We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God who died on the cross and rose from the dead for our sins.  He is the only way, truth and life.  Eternal salvation comes from the acceptance of this gift.  Response to this gift is loving and serving Him.


Watch this interview with Brad Lamberth founder of Team Promise Makers – it will motivate you and encourage you on your journey as a leader with Promise Makers and Girlz4God.